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Come and meet Maria and Andy at The Friary Guildford on Sunday, 20 May who will be giving a free talk on giving and receiving psychological strokes.

A psychological stroke is the attention and recognition that another person gives us and these can be positive, negative, verbal, non-verbal or Action (the things we do for each other).

We all have parts that we like and don’t like about ourselves and part of being mentally healthy is about liking ourselves the majority of the time.

In the workshop Andy and Maria will talk about how people receive and give out messages to others and ourselves and how you can ensure you have a healthy diet of positive strokes to feel happy, fulfilled, confident and sky rocket your self-esteem.

You can find Andy and Maria located on level 2 outside Superdry.

The workshop will take place in an empty shop unit at 1:00pm and 3:00pm on Sunday, 20 May. Please meet Andy outside Superdry 10 minutes prior to the class and he will who will direct you to the location.

Please see more details here.

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