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The Friary Guildford to hold Autism Hour to help make shopping more autism friendly

We will be holding the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour on Tuesday, 9 October from 10am – 11am.

According to the National Autistic Society, 79% of autistic people in the UK feel socially isolated, whilst 64% of autistic people avoid going to the shops.

To help reduce these numbers and break down the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that surround autism, we are partnering with the National Autistic Society in hosting an Autism Hour on Tuesday, 9 October.

Joining over 8,000 UK retailers, we will be turning down music, dimming the lights, sharing information with employees and helping the public to understand autism.

There are around 700,000 autistic people in the UK, and along with their family members and carers, there are over three million customers waiting to be welcomed into shopping centres. Being autistic means seeing, hearing and feeling the world in a different, often more intense, way to other people. Autistic people can find social situations difficult and can struggle to filter out the sounds, smells, sights and information they experience, which is the reason busy public places, like shops, can be overwhelming.

Joining us on the day will be the National Autistic Society Surrey Branch, who will be at the Centre raising money.

Centre Manager, Vicky Hickson said, “All staff at The Friary Guildford have undertaken Autism Awareness training as it’s so important to raise awareness of autism in our community. By understanding exactly what the condition is and how it affects people, we can modify our behaviour and environment to help those with the condition.”

To find out more, visit their website:

We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre.


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